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Rorik's column

                 Rorik's Column

After nearly a year of planning and preparation, it is with great pleasure that we announce the formal launching of a unique online resource, Galinn Grund Online, now accessible at:

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Founded in California over 15 years ago, the Galinn Grund Viking Center and Library serves as an between the world of contemporary scholarship and serious students of Viking-Age history, culture, and mythology, regardless of their educational status or affiliation. Galinn Grund makes the best of contemporary Viking-Age scholarship available to researchers, students, academicians, and independent scholars and promotes the free exchange of information, ideas, and research. The foundationís new website, Galinn Grund Online, will continue to advance these objectives by means of the following features:

Book Reviews:

The site features an extensive and growing selection of reviews of the best (and worst) contemporary scholarship on Viking-Age history, culture, and religion.


The Conferences page offers up-to-the-minute information on upcoming scholarly conferences and symposia, including calls for papers and reports on recent events.


The Gallehus horn

Replica of gold drinking horns

Runic inscription on upper rim

The Runic Studies page features serious essays, reviews, and announcements concerning serious contemporary scholarship on runic inscriptions, historical rune magic, and related topics.


The Galinn Grund Viking Center Library includes thousands of books and journal articles by the top modern scholars in Old Norse studies, runography, and related disciplines. These have been organized into bibliographies by subject area, which can serve as reading lists or study guides for researchers. Some material can be downloaded for use by researchers, subject to international copyright restrictions. Bibliographical listings are currently posted for Runic Studies and the Prose Edda. Bibliographies for the Poetic Edda and Myth & Religion will be up soon, followed by many more specialized topic listings.


The websiteís Links page connects site users to a unique network of scholars, journals, and organizations whose interests, objectives, and dedication to the methods of modern scholarship are compatible with Galinn Grund's.


Working Papers:

The only on-line resource of its kind, the Galinn Grund Working Papers page will post the full text of publishable or recently published scholarly papers by users of the site, along with discussion drafts of works in progress.


The Viking-Age Poetry page will feature workshops, guidelines, and examples of the major forms of eddic and skaldic verse.

Eddic Encyclopaedia:

Using the latest Wiki technology, Galinn Grund's Encyclopaedia of the Eddas will offer a comprehensive, carefully documented resource for users with a serious interest in the poems, events, characters, and themes of the Elder Edda. Each entry will be cooperatively drafted by registered users, subject to careful editorial review.

Discussion List:

Finally, the siteís discussion list will allow user to interact in the advancement of their research interests and the foundationís objectives.

© 2006 Galinn Grund Viking Center.

More information to come soon

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