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 Runic stones from Gotland

Ian Hennery promoting his Fenris the Wolf Mummers' Play from the German 'Mummerspiel', meaning 'Masked Play' or Masquerade. The principal issues of birth, death, resurrection are pre-Christian and possibly pre-civilization. The principal characters can be traced back through recorded history. Inspired by Loreena McKennitt's,  "The Mummer's Dance", Ian set out over a long weekend to write The Fenris Wolf Mummers' Play. This featured at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Stratford upon Avon as well as Silver Arrow ROS 2000 Convention at the former Bristol Jarvis Hotel in Bristol, now called the Ramada Plaza Hotel.   See:

 Rig Svenson has been a lecturer, writer and practitioner of runes in what he believes was their original format.  Rig came to me both as an Occultist and a friend some five years ago. I found his philosophy honest and his point of view genuine surrounding the Northern Tradition.  This is a refreshing change from the very many confusing dogma surrounding the runes and their applications in the modern World.   Rig has never lost sight that the runes according to the sagas were given as a blessing to humanity by the Norse God Heimdall (aka RIG), although many would rightly argue it was Odin who discovered them.

Rig has been called many things ranging from Runemaster, sometimes a shaman, sometimes and a modern day wizard.   Until a serious illness some three years ago, he taught students without charge his own way of working with runes on a one to one basis.  Having recovered from cancer, he now focuses his attention on the healing aspects of runes in conjunction with sound empowerment as a form of timing for the infusion of healing herbs.  I understand this form of rune herbal healing is little understood or indeed dealt with by many other authors on the subject and forms the basis of what he considers the essence of Rune Magic.  I recommend this site to anyone who wishes to learn the old ways of practicing runes or anyone who seeks for truth.

Ian D. Henery

Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales (2002)

Poet and Playwright

I first met Rig Svenson at the Oakleaf Lammas Camp in 2003, where I attended his workshop on runes and got talking to him afterwards. We have since enjoyed many discussions on Ásatrú, seiđr and other tribal and shamanic traditions, not least at the Oakleaf camp again the following year, and also at a talk he gave to a pagan group that I was running in Birmingham. Rig has been studying the Northern tradition for many years, and I believe his insights and perspectives on runelore and related matters to be both original and provocative. Rig’s military background and impressive collection of weaponry, both ancient and modern, mean that the warrior aspect of the cult of Odin and other Norse divinities is more than a mere metaphor to him, and whilst I don’t always agree with his conclusions, it’s notable that his work on runes is firmly based on scholarly research, which is far from the case with some of the more opportunistic New Age authors on this subject.

          Simon Collins

Rig’s first book Pierced By The Light was published by Flying Witch Publications in 2003, and it is a lively and thought-provoking read for all those interested in the esoteric applications of runes. I am happy to consider Rig my friend – as the Hávamál reminds us:

Vin sínum skal mađr vinr vera: ok gjalda gjöf viđ gjöf

A man should be loyal through life to friends, And return gift for gift.

I first met Rig a few years ago at a Discussion Group Moot, I remember it well as I rather impressed (or maybe scared) him with my rather realistic ‘Golllum’ impression!

He came highly recommended by a Pagan Federation colleague as Speaker so I booked him to talk about the Runes at my own Discussion Group, the talk was very well received and everyone was of the same opinion - ‘this guy really knows his stuff’. I found his subject matter not only well researched but obviously based on a strong foundation of practical working, he was also open to other peoples ideas and theories and not arrogant or self opinionated despite his obvious wealth of knowledge. His passion for his subject was refreshing and infectious, his knowledge thorough and incisive and, quite frankly – I was impressed. I subsequently booked Rig again for a more comprehensive and in-depth presentation at our Pagan Federation Conference in Telford and he didn’t disappoint… the depth and breadth of information, research and sheer effort that he put into that presentation was incredible, I think it left everyone absolutely, well,  astounded! Rig is quite an intense person and very serious about his runes, this isn’t some weekend hobby, it’s his passion, his life. He’s also one of those rare men of integrity and honour that one just doesn’t find very often, sadly! He’s what’s known as a ‘thoroughly good egg’.

May the Gods ever smile upon you, brother.

Kate Blackwill

Imbolc 2006

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