Hedge Riders

Hedge Riders
Þat kann ek it tíunda
I Know the tenth
ef ek sé túnriðir
If I see rider of fence tops (astral projection of witches)
leika lopti á
sporting in the sky
ek svá vinnk
I work it so
at þeir villar fara--
That they wonder astray—
sinna heimhama
from the bodies they have at home
sinna heimhuga
from the minds they have at home
Hàvamàl stz 155 (a counter spell against psychic attack)

Hedges, hence the term Hedge Rider during the days before established roads served as boundaries between land and their territories. Most villages did not stray very far from their dwelling places as they had no real mode of transportation save walking everywhere which by itself had perils. Rolling mist in the countryside was common and I suggest this also served as a conduit for all occult and supernatural forces to travel on to folks homes in the darkness of the night. As no street lamps existed back them, when night fell, it was usually very dark. Anything you saw in the mist was never spoken off until the daylight hours.