Hel runes gifted from Hela herself: A modern day UPG

Always validate your sources
Simply saying a god or goddess told you so does not make it true nor does writing a disclaimer after the fact. There seems to be a lot of deliberate UPG based misdirection's coming out from New Age Plastic Shamanic publications in Europe concerning self invented runes found in Helheim. Never accept anyone's account or opinions on the runes especially if the rune author professes to have some kind of limited special knowledge accessed from Odin or Hela herself. You should always ask, what is the source of this new-found disinformation and the reliability of the author who penned it in the first place. It remains a bad and quite possibly dangerous practice to allow into lore "new evidence" based on what somebody claims to have heard, seen or experienced with the gods or goddesses. The two biggest culprits in my view damaging our lore comes the many from self appointed rune experts, neo- plastic shamans or whatever they call themselves who fabricate materials based on their esoteric encounters minus the burden of evidence and those who assemble bits of lore via what I call "string theory" to suit most likely their personal theories or hidden agendas. Seem so at least according to one Dutch female esoteric writer who claims to have a direct monopoly on this "knowledge". I always take with a pinch of salt all those who make such claims minus the burden of evidence in any form but especially if they place a disclaimer after the fact.

Imagine this: "Here is my special knowledge on Hel Runes gifted from Hela herself to me. I accept no responsibility whatsoever should this information prove to be dubious, inaccurate, made up from fresh air or even flawed"