Questions asked when you have not got a clue about the Old Norse Religion

Questions asked when you have not got a clue about the Old Norse Religion, and it shows!

1) Where can I find or join a local kindred?

Get a f-king grip. There are no historical heathen tribes anywhere today. If you like joining clubs, take up golf or fishing , better still join a Motor Cycle club! Religion and heathenism is in your heart and your soul. It is who and what you are, a way of life and being not a damn religion per se' or social gathering. You do not need to belong to anyone elses fracking ego 101 Asatru made up bullshit agenda bunch of "groupies" to know the gods or goddesses. Start you own kindred if you must but avoid giving away your power to some f-kwa of a self proclaimed goδi or "Jarl" who knows jack about our ways! As I have said before if he claims he is a goδi  of the Old Religion - ask him to demonstrate his oral tradition skills/prowess by reciting the Hávamál or Vǫluspá verbatim in the original language it was written and watch the fella run a mile making excuses that this is now and that was then. Bollocks!

2) What books have you read on runes or the Old Norse Religion?

You need three things to gel together before even considering looking for on the shelf Asatru books:

1) A basic understanding of Indo-European languages to include reconstructed Old Norse and Icelandic as well as all the other variants. Most Old Norse literature was written in Iceland and includes the Eddas, poems about gods and mythic origins, or the heroes of an earlier age; Scaldic poetry, which was concerned with extolling the virtues and telling tales of the notable exploits of kings and other patrons; and the Sagas, stories of historical figures or groups intended as entertainment. Between 800 and 1050 AD a division began to appear between East Norse, which developed into Swedish and Danish, and West Norse, which developed into Norwegian, Faroese, Icelandic and Norn, an extinct language once spoken in Shetland, Orkney, and northern parts of Scotland.

2) A strong command of the sagas (primary sources + secondary sources) with an ability to apply critical thought in making sense of what you read up on
For example:

3) Disassociation from your former belief systems. Many are hopeless and unable to do this which is why heathenry today cannot move forward. Seems you can take the Christian out of the church but never the church out of the Christian. The Eddas becomes the Bible etc.