We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; 
For he today that sheds his blood with me

Shall be my brother;  
Shakespeare, Henry V, IV, iii, 40



Welcome to RigHeimdall.This Group is dedicated to all followers of the enigmatic and heroic Northern God Heimdall. Please include a Yahoo profile and email contact if you wish to be admitted.

  Rig Vs Loki Ragnarok

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Welcome to the Futhark Runes List. This is a non racist or political forum which primarily focuses on the three traditional timelines of futhark runes and their relevant applications both during their actual timelines and their development into the modern. Please include a Yahoo profile and email contact if you wish to be admitted.




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Icelandic is a Northern Germanic language with about 250,000 speakers in Iceland (═sland), Canada (Kanada) and the USA. Icelandic is the closest of the Northern Germanic languages to Old Norse though the idea that Icelanders can read the Old Norse sagas in the original is a myth.

The New Northvegr Center

The Northvegr Foundation

 UNESCO's Culture Sector Index

 Promoting cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue and Wikipedia

Vi­artr˙ is a small branch of Hei­ni dedicated to reviving the green, to reintegrating into nature. We believe that as we were created as integral parts of the whole of nature, we may progress only when we move within the natural cycles; and that nature, represented for us as a thriving forest, is our home - to guard, defend, and enrich. We believe that in the pursuit of upholding excellence in action, tr˙ human beings are ideally the exemplars of proper behaviour. We take with the Wyrd of humanity the stewardship of the living creatures with which we cohabit this world. Our lives should be filled with pleasure, beauty, humour, love, music, food and everything else that brings joy. But only that joy brought about by actions we've done that were right and true is true everlasting joy, and joy found in the destruction of others whether in resources, mind, body or spirit, is not something set into the original Wyrd of man, and leads to nothing but his own destruction.

Rune-Net was formed by a group of rune students who have been studying as a network for over 10 years, and individually for more than 25 years. The purpose of Rune-Net is to promote the study of our runic heritage, sorting the ancient facts from the more recent fantasies. We have a number of texts on-line to make Rune-Net studies accessible to all at a minimal cost. We have members in Australia, the USA, Canada, the UK, and Germany.

Founded in California over 18 years ago, the Galinn Grund Viking Center and Library serves as an between the world of contemporary scholarship and serious students of Viking-Age history, culture, and mythology, regardless of their educational status or affiliation. Galinn Grund makes the best of contemporary Viking-Age scholarship available to researchers, students, academicians, and independent scholars and promotes the free exchange of information, ideas, and research.

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Weyland Reproductions

Welcome to the Weyland Reproductions and Mercia Sveiter web site!

Please contact Paul (Druid) or Sharon Craddock


Prophet or Madman

A Modern Odinist Movement

We aim to bring the spiritual teachings and values of the Odinic Heathen way to the modern world. We strive to learn, to teach, to live in accordance with our Gods, and to provide a voice for Heathenry in the world at large.


* Presenting the Northern Tradition to the general public, including those familiar with paganism;

* Working with the Olgar Trust to purchase woodland for conservation and ritual use;

* Training Heathen priests and priestesses

The Odinshof is a religious and educational charity, (Reg.No.801629,) established on 7th October, 1987CE to promote the ancient teachings and philosophy of Odin. As a Heathen organisation the Odinshof acknowledges all other Germano-Celtic deities of old Europe.

I am Wayland Skallagrimsson and I have created this website as a devotional act to my gods, in partial payment for all the many things they have done for me, and given to me. I provide within it online altars, for heathens who are too poor, or in the wrong place, or travelling, and so have no access to altars of their own. I also provide content concerning the history of the Asatru faith, and also a description of it in modern times. Holy days, and ancient practices associated with them are listed. An essay on my patron, Odin, is also within, as is a description of the practices, ancient and modern, of the Odinic mystery cult known as the Berserkergang. Other essays accompany them.


Christopher Bell

From an early age my work has followed certain threads, until now they have all woven themselves into a tapestry of Celtic and Medieval legends, Pagan folklore, Gothic romanticism and Fetish Imagery. I have always drawn from subjects that have moved and inspired, exited and delighted me.



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