Pierced by the light

     Viking Gods, Runes & 21st Century

 Teutonic Magic

This book was written from the heart and with feeling to express one individual's point of view on how the Norse Archetype can be perceived as a personal guide to life and living. I make no claim to be a leading authority on the subject but I have endeavored to advance some new material as well as some older familiar themes which should appeal to all those of you who are seeking their soul identity by walking in the steps of their ancestors.  This is a way of life we call today the Northern Tradition.  There is a huge selection of New Age books on the market about the runes today, filled with at best conjecture or even the author's personal esoteric belief system. Others put out a mix and match reconstruction of different magical disciplines, which are a far cry from the actual usage and actual purpose or reasoning why these ancient archetypal symbols came into being. Many have had to rely on re-hashed rune works, which are inaccurate to say the least! Very little is actually known about the true origins of runes. So much work is still needed on expanding their kernel rune forms and values.

At some point in time long ago, a "Quantum Leap" forward was achieved by hominid man when the association between vocal sound and an archaic symbol was made. Credit must lie with the first humans who managed to advance whispered words into an evolved language.  Whether there ever was a mortal man called Odin is the subject of many a debate but at some point this connection of sound to symbol was made by the wisest of men or women.  I have introduced for the first time in a paperback Power Runes, their meanings and usage as well as Rune Divination Authenticity backed with serious research stemming the better part of 25 years.  This book is advanced in anything put out so far about the runes and is the first book of three planned.  The phonetics of rune sounds is also covered and it is my hope to broaden and expand current knowledge and thinking on this subject.  A must for every Northern Tradition folk or if you are interested in runes.

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