Rune Stances/Rune Yoga: Stádhagaldr remains a 19th Century historical revisionism and has nothing to do with the use of Germanic runes by extension into body movements using Nationalist Occult practices of that period involving ceremonial magick originally developed or written by later day pre Nazi German Nationalist but sadly still promoted by the eclectically biased lesser read today and those who really should know better as some kind of later day re-invented ceremonial rune magick practice often mistaken as rune lore. But lets get something right here, this is an entirely modern invented magical system of internalizing the runes using the so called rune gymnastics/rune yoga stances. I would further like to point out that rune yoga is not rune lore but rather a fanciful myth of 1930s German Occultist Friedrich Bernhard Marby, Siegfried Adolf Kummer and Karl Spießberger without any historical basis relying heavily on the racially biased works of Guido List utilizing his invented non historical Armanen fuÞorc. F. B. Marby called this technology of internalizing the runes “runengymnastik” (rune gymnastics). The Armanen runes (or Armanen Futharkh) are a series of 18 runes, very similar to the historical Younger Futhark which was, introduced by Austrian mysticist and Germanic revivalist Guido von List in his Das Geheimnis der Runen (English: "The Secret of the Runes"), published as a periodical article in 1906,

The Armanen runes sometimes referred to as the Armanen Futharkh are a series of 18 non-historical but rather invented runes, resembling the Younger Futhark. It was introduced by 19th Century pre-Nazi Nationalist and Austrian mysticist  Guido von List in his Das Geheimnis der Runen or The Secret of the Runes, published as a periodical article in 1906, and as a standalone publication in 1908. The Armanen invented runes are still used today in later day esotericism and ceremonial magicians alike.

Wolfgang Krause studied Classical Philology and Indo-Germanic Studies at the Universities of Berlin and Göttingen, from 1914 to 1920. In 1929 he took over the chair in Linguistics at the University of Königsberg, where his research focused on mediaeval Scandinavian culture, particularly the runes. In 1937, he moved to the University of Göttingen and in 1938 set up an institute for runological research there. Krause theories suggested that because many of the historical runic inscriptions were undecipherable, there must have been a magical element to them.

Die Sprache der urnordischen Runeninschriften. Heidelberg 1971

Stádhagaldr is claimed to be an active system of magic that consists of the assumption of runic postures or gestures for magical effect. Stádhagaldr was promoted in his book, Futhark: A Handbook of Rune Magic by Edred Thorsson better known as S.E. Flowers. But for all intents and purpose this is a later day modern quasi re-invented magical system and not rune lore. Sadly this misrepresentation of the futhark runes has somehow filtered down into post modernism later day eclectic self invented ceremonial magic by supporters of 19th Century  German Occultist Nationalist, the search for identity race camp and the New Age..

Both Kummer and Gorsleben began referring to this technology as “runenyoga” (“rune yoga”), although Kummer is credited with having coined the term. It was Kummer who combined the practices of Marby with the theories of Guido von List. Then during the 1950s Frater Eratus (Karl Spiesberger) of the Fraternitas Saturni began to be known for his work with rune yoga. Frater Eratus adapted the runes to ceremonial magic (sorcery), experimenting with group rune positions, practices of sex magic, etc. These stádhagaldr (rune stances) and rune chants have remained with many rune practitioners today. Historical revisionism refers to a modern practise by intellectually lazy people, without the benefit of years (or generations) of hindsight and typically with ulterior motive/political bias, attempt to rewrite history (invent bullshit without any real evidence) as it originally occurred. I included this topic because I strongly believe that many modern rune practitioners have so lost their way confusing 19th century Ceremonial Magic German Occultism with a search for identity Nationalist bias.

In conclusion: Never accept anybody's word on the fuÞark Runes (including mine) Always verify and authenticate your sources. This does not mean buying UPG off the shelf (Unverified Personal Gnosis) based rune books especially if your book source is written by New Ageist self proclaimed "rune-experts". As a general guide, rune scholars write dissertations on the runes and back up their findings with bibliographies or well indexed references. Look up "Runes" in any respectable encyclopaedia or scholastic texts. If you are serious, go to a library and photocopy the relevant sections on runes from the library resources. Research and read up on as many academic rune books and Northern Mythology as possible using critical thinking. It is always through sound scholarship, Ockham's razor and reasoning rather than magical experimentations that some sense can be put back into the runes and take forward the Northern Way with certainty. You will then be able to see for yourself that over 90% of the New Age runic books and websites are completely inaccurate and virtually useless. I only wish the plethora of it works for me New Age rune players out there would stop using "rune-stones", "runic stances" or start engaging in critical thinking and do some real research instead of re-manufacturing "runic" traditions based on 19th century German Occultism or later day New Ageism in all her myriad forms.

But the elder runes themselves never enjoyed the expansion of their evolvement past the 10th/14th century (medieval runes) and this remains the status quo and moot point when arguments abound by later day "runesters" that historical futhark runes evolved into the modern via 19th century German Occultists or 20th century New Ageist eclectic ceremonial  magic eccentrics. The elder futhark runes sadly experienced 1000 years of stasis in the human experience that was the elder folk and their historical mind-set. What we have today remains a hotchpotch of very poorly thought out or reconstructed misguided views of what these symbols factually meant by the supporters of 19th Century German search for identity Nationalist fantasists to those who wielded them a thousand years ago.

 As a final thought, do you actually believe that our ancestors had the recreational spare time for such nonsense. Bullshit and not rune-lore!