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Sabine and Rig at a sacred grove Northern Germany

Sabine Morrison was born in Germany but has inherited roots in Denmark.  She comes from a family with long traditions in the pagan ways of life.  A lot of family knowledge in herbal medicines, magic and religious rites was passed on orally, that is to say by word of mouth within her kindred for a large number of generations.  She has a deep-rooted love for Norway and a lot of her work has roots there because of it. Sabine’s northern roots developed very early for her a strong interest in the Viking Age and their way of life.  She began to study Germanic runes, pagan rites and magic since the age of 15.  She has been researching the Viking ways of life for over 30 years now and has amassed a huge comprehensive field of knowledge on the subject as a result.

Sabine is a re-enactment “Hobby Viking” as she attends the Viking Re-enactment’s and Viking markets in Europe and the United Kingdom where she can show others who are interested the correct workings of a Wolwa.  She gives lectures at these markets to give people an understanding of the purpose and function of the Wolwa in ancient pagan times and how the Wolwa was held in high esteem because of her healing abilities.  We must remember that there were no hospitals or doctors to speak of and if you fell seriously ill in the dark ages and the Wolwa could not help you, you died.  A high mortality rate existed in Viking times as the average Vikings lifespan was around their middle 30s due to teeth being destroyed by eating the stone ground flour.  This finding was based on archeological evidence from their remains.

As for the Viking scene Sabine says," I don’t like profile neurotic trash Vikings!  They make too many compromises whilst they sit on Viking markets claiming to have an interest in Northern ways but have very little knowledge about the time if any at all”.  She said that they travel with their “Viking Supermarkets” from place to place, selling what they claim to be “real authentic” honey drop sweets in plastic bags.  The Vikings had no refined sugar to make honey drops sweets?  Herbal mixtures like Provincial, Spanish sweets and Celtic rings to give it a Viking touch meet in between stands? Not forgetting the mandatory bottle of Coca-Cola.  You see Coke has been around a long time.

In order to keep their tents dry; they drop a plastic sheet over it.  Their costumes clothing are a mixture of Roman shoes, Viking tunics and Granny's cotton wool bed sheets.  And they all claim to be real authentic Vikings?  They are really only interested in commercial profit.  I don’ know what that has to do with trying to re-live the Viking times as a hobby.  Many of them have no handicrafts to show; rather they buy cheap replicas from Poland and sell them at the Viking markets for exuberantly inflated prices.  I dislike seeing decent people being ripped off in this manner.  For these kinds of folk, the Viking scene to them is to have an open flame fire in the evening where they can all get drunk.  It is a poor perception of what the Northern Tradition is.  If it were possible for a real life Viking to time travel to the present and see this, he or she would be disgusted at how the “Trash Vikings” are representing what is supposed to have been their way of life.  Sure we cannot really be a hundred percent authentic because we have all grown too soft with our creature comforts of modern civilisation but I believe that we should at least try to get as close as we possibly can if the Viking way of life is your hobby.

I am a smoker and as all smokers know you can’t just break the bad habit in the wink of an eye.  But you should at least try to be subtler or conceal your smoking cigarettes especially in view of on watching tourists or the public at Viking markets.  I used to have a Viking market stand (not like the ones I just described) but I got I fed up because it had nothing to do really with the hobby.

I try today to bring to people the real times of this era with accuracy having corrected some the former misconceptions of the time period between the 8th and 10th centuries.  Apart from holding lectures, I still do readings for people, show and teach them nail binding and produce herbal portions and medicinal thing with me out of the Viking age.  They can try it out or partly purchase the potions from my tent but not to modern prices.  My prices are as far as this is possible to the Viking age.  For instance, honey would have been very expensive in the dark ages and nobody would have been crazy enough to buy it.    However selling goods at Viking markets is not my main concern.  My main concern is to give the general public that I meet an understanding and a feeling for the World of the ancient Vikings and how they may have lived.

I would also like to comment on the current New Age fashionable practice of the many self-appointed Godis, Druids, Witches, Wolwas or whatever.  It used to take a long time to acquire and to learn these ancient skills.  But very often I see people claiming to be a Godi for example.  When challenged they display little or no knowledge about their craft.  They can’t even recite the Havamal or know the Voluspa.  Just because you can tell fortune out of runes does not make you a Wolwa or a Druid because you know some Celtic gods and self invented rites.  To these people I say, “Please don’t call yourself that because you would like to be one”.  First learn a lot about the craft you have chosen.  To give you an example, I studied for 20 years before I dared call myself a Wolwa out of respect for my ancestors from the old ages in Denmark and Norway.

This is how my tent looks at the market

This is the inside of my tent


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